“Bells and Whistles
PLURAL NOUN: Additional features
or accessories which are nonessential but very attractive”

Collins Dictionary

Trimmings, AKA Bells and Whistles.

Have you ever left home in the morning for a day at the office and forgotten to put your watch on, or your earrings in? You don’t feel right for the whole day, one feels incomplete, unadorned, and out of sorts.

Yes, these accessories are, to the letter of the law, unessential.

But really, they are essential.

Bells and Whistles bring the shine and sparkle to everything. They turn a simple plain dress in to a masterpiece.

The same applies to soft furnishings.

The addition of a braid or bullion can transform a perfectly fine, plain fabric into something very special, elevating your curtains or cushions to great heights, bringing contrast, depth and a serious wow factor.

James David Interiors has a stunning selection of braids, key tassels, bobble trims, bullion fringes, cords, beads and tiebacks. Complete your very own masterpiece, be unique, be individual.

With our offering of gorgeous embellishments, at least if you do forget your watch or earrings before you go to work, you will return home to ringing bells and whistling whistles.