curtain rail:
noun [ C ]
a fixed strip of plastic or metal from which a curtain hangs

Oxford Dictionary

How dare the Oxford Dictionary define the humble curtain track in such simple terms!

Without curtain tracks we wouldn’t be able to have curtains, it would be like having a car without wheels! And when you consider our irrational feelings regarding the importance of curtains, we are slightly offended.

We won’t apologise for being super nerdy about curtain tracks. We are more than happy to supply and install a curtain track, giving you peace of mind that the track you have purchased is specified correctly for your curtains, professionally installed and will work perfectly.

We will even provide you with a few spare parts for you to put in ‘that drawer in your Kitchen’.

Although, given the high quality of the tracks we supply from our brand partner, Silent Gliss, spare parts are a thing of the past. Tracks from Silent Gliss are manufactured to stand the test of time, engineered by the Swiss (who are hands down even bigger track nerds than us), using the very best components, offering a wide range of tracks to suit all situations.

In 1952, Silent Gliss was founded because a very clever Swiss gentleman could no longer stand hearing his neighbour open his curtains in the morning, the nylon runner was born and the rest is history.

Silent Gliss are the true architects of silence.

Straight. Bent. Hand drawn. Cord operated. Automated. Recessed. Any Size. Any Colour.

‘That Drawer in Your Kitchen’
A drawer we all have, predominantly found in a kitchen, which contains bits of string, fuses, old keys that you have no idea what they are for, a screwdriver from a Christmas cracker, a stamp, some crumbs, your Wi-Fi password and other essential items you know will come in handy one day.