Jamie Bell

Jamie is the 3rd generation of a family heavily involved in the art of sewing. His Grandfather, John Bell, established his business in Leeds in the 1950’s as a clothing manufacturer.

Jamie’s Father, David, followed in his footsteps, running the family business until the mid 80’s when he decided to make the change from apparel to curtain making. Starting in the humblest of beginnings, with a market stall in the North of England, eventually opening a shop on Oakwood Parade in Leeds, selling fabric on the roll and making curtains.

Jamie spent most Saturdays of his childhood, working on his Dad’s market stall, selling curtains and loved every minute of it.

After completing his education, Jamie immediately went to work for the family business and soon became heavily involved in the day to day running of the company. He enjoyed 20 successful years of curtain and blind manufacture, design and installation.

Jamie, age 9, with his Dad, in the humblest of beginnings.

David had a proven record of good taste and a natural flair for design, which he passed on to his son in spades. Jamie’s passion for interior design, along with his enthusiasm to deliver great service developed quickly. It was always very clear that Jamie had found the career that ran through his veins.
In 2017 Jamie decided to spread his wings and further develop his knowledge within the industry. He went to work as Director of Operations for the very best and most prestigious hand sewn blind and curtain manufacturer in the UK.
He applied his vast experience to run large projects in London, Europe and The Middle East. Specialising in the ultimate level of automated systems, supplying high net worth individuals via the UK’s most renowned interior designers and audio-visual dealers.
Jamie adored working in the big smoke, but the travel eventually took its toll on the Leeds born lad. He missed his roots and the local community. He decided he could no longer ignore his ambition of owning and managing his own luxury soft furnishers in his home town.
Finally, his dream became a reality, in 2023 James David Interiors was conceived, and the best is yet to come…….

Jo Travis

Working in retail since 1992, Jo’s career found momentum as a purveyor of fine wines, owning and managing her own specialist retail business in the beautiful Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge.
Jo was a sommelier of the retail world, her business thrived because of her passion for refinement. Not to mention her knowledge of appellations, classifications, tears, tannins and of course, grapes.
In 2016, after 24 years, Jo decided it was time for a change. She sold up and became Commercial Manager for the most prestigious handmade blind & curtain manufacturer in the UK.
Jo’s role involved the overseeing of production, management of a Sales Office, stock control and purchasing.
Her acumen for high standards, outstanding presentation and passion for customer service is second to none.
Retail was also a natural calling for Jo, teamed with the opportunity of a proven, unstoppable partnership that was formed with Jamie, when they worked together at the highest end of the soft furnishing industry, making her return to retail too hard to resist.
There is only one type of home as far as Jo is concerned.
A beautiful one.

Marlow Bell

The up and coming young gun of the interior industry.
Still learning the trade, he leans heavily (all 8 stone of him) on his good looks and charming demeanour.
He loves cushions (laying on them) and is passionate for anything cheesy (food not patterns).
Best of all, he epitomises the fundamentals of James David Interiors – handsome, adorable, friendly and attentive.

House rules
As many strokes as you like.
No treats, he is watching his figure.