Curtain Poles

“Curtains were hung on poles with a limited number of rings, creating a characteristic draped effect between them. Pliny mentioned the fruit of the Cucus tree which had a hard kernel that was used to make curtain rings.”

Alexandra Croom, Roman Furniture

The modern world has a lot to thank the Romans for, they invented concrete, plumbing, the foundation of our modern calendar, the first bound book, hardwearing roads, a postal service, aqueducts and most importantly (in our opinion), curtain poles.
Curtain poles have come on an awful lot since Roman times. These days, the choice of finishes, finials, beautifully engineered brackets, shapes and sizes is nothing short of admirable.

James David Interiors can supply and install curtain poles that will compliment your fixtures and fittings, sit in harmony with the genre of your house and tastefully adorn your curtains.

We offer pole solutions for some of the most challenging windows, bespoke shapes and sizes are not a problem.

Hand drawn. Cord operated. Automated. Any size. Any colour.