“Fabric is so addictive it should be a controlled substance.”

Sewing Truths

Without fabric we would be in a mess. It keeps us warm. It makes us comfortable. It keeps us dignified. It tells the world who we are.


As far as fabric is concerned, James David Interiors is a sweet shop for grown-ups. If you are craving a fabric fix then feel free to come and see us. It is another thing we get far too excited about.
Our passion for fabric of all colours, shapes and sizes can have its downsides. We have so many options it can make choosing difficult if you aren’t emphatic when making your decisions.

Don’t worry though, our specially trained staff will do their utmost to keep you on the straight and narrow, help you avoid temptation along the way and make sure you arrive at the correct choice without overdosing on colours, patterns and textures.


Our Fabric Library is extensive, please allow at least an hour or two for your visit and keep your arms in the car at all times.

Strictly 10 strokes of any one fabric per customer.

Not recommended for anyone who suffers from a heart condition due to the increased pulse rate often produced when looking through our samples.