“I think one of the most interesting things about automation isn’t on the practical side. I think it’s about creating magic and wonder and moments of splendour.”

Genevieve Bell

Why not press a button? Do you remember when you had to unlock your car with a key? Most kids would pull a face if you told them that was the norm a few years ago.

Without us realising, automation and technology is a massive part of our lives. Being children of the 80’s, we remember when you had to physically post a letter, when you had to wind your car windows up and down by hand.

Now, it seems in no time at all, we can send electronic mail anywhere in the world in a millisecond, we can be on holiday in Dubrovnik and when your doorbell rings, you are able to see and talk to the person visiting your home back in the UK.

Technology is wonderful, and the same wonderful level of technology exists when it comes to window treatments.

There is something very reassuring and special about pushing a button that responds instantly to the call to action.

Seeing your blinds and curtains operate at a whisper quiet level of sound, with finesse and a high level of refinement is something to behold and appears almost magical.

We can provide a motorised solution for your window treatments, controlled exactly the way you want it to.

From a simple remote control to voice control by Alexa. Control via an App on your smartphone or tablet to automated systems that will integrate and communicate seamlessly with your home automation control or lighting control system.

We supply world leading brands of automated shading systems that offer unrivalled levels of precise performance, forward thinking design, innovation and reliability.

James David Interiors will work with your smart home installer to ensure every specification is correct, every step of the way, creating the perfect lighting environment in your home.

We appreciate that a hardwired option is not always feasible which is why we offer the very best battery-operated systems on the market, with exceptional battery life and the ability to wirelessly communicate with most control systems.

Welcome to the 21st century of window shading solutions.