Stalwart Alternatives

“Is it worthwhile to observe that there are no Venetian blinds in Venice?”

William Dean Howells

I am sure William’s observation was correct back in the 19th century when he travelled the world. The people of Venice were happy to close their shutters when the sun was too strong, avoiding any risk of distraction from the world famous Venetian architecture.

These days we are not so sure, because no matter how awesome the architecture is, there is no two ways about it, a Venetian blind does its job to great effect. Despite not being the designer’s choice, it is a very practical solution.

A similar thought process must apply to Vertical blinds, considered in the design world as a blind to be left at the office, there is no doubt about it, they do their job very well.

At James David Interiors we are all about design and beautiful things, but we understand the need for practical solutions. We know our homes can’t be a scene from a cover of a magazine all the time. Every now and then, function must prevail over form.

We have an abundance of experience with all forms of blinds, and we are delighted to supply and install them. If you have a window that demands a more pragmatic approach and are of a discerning nature, we can help.

High quality Venetian blinds, Wooden Venetian blinds and Vertical blinds, built to last, carefully selected.